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    Hey guys, I signed up here a while ago but never got around to posting. I bought an Arrow 150 in early 2019 and intended to use it for the streets. I live in AZ and can register an "ATV" as an Off Highway Vehicle. I got the buggy registered, installed a horn and started riding. Right away I realized it's going to take a lot of work to make this an ideal street buggy.

    I have joined here to get involved in the community and share my experience with this build. I have a background in auto mechanics (16 years) so switching that over to the buggy is a breeze. My biggest setback is not knowing where to buy quality parts (trying to avoid made in China). Most people build these for low end torque, but I need top end.

    Hopefully I will be able to start a build thread soon. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Newb(ish)
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    Welcome to the MBN house.

    Ah, AZ - absolutely LOVE this state. They let us put anything on the street. Always get a kick out of seeing a group of rental quads sitting at a light next to a Lamborghini/Ferrari/McLaren on Snottsdale road down in Old Town.

    Just make sure you get your OHV sticker - seems I hear more people getting in trouble for lack of that then I do for street legal issues. Plus the 30 bucks actually is put back into the off road management. I find using the third party places much more efficient at getting registration and such done. Fortunately AZ has finally gotten their shit together and plates/stickers show up in less than a week now instead of waiting 2-3 months. Covid and the DMV computer upgrades hitting at the same time really put them on their back heel for a year.

    Top end - look into dropping a bike engine into it.

    What part of town are you in and where do you plan on doing the majority of your off-roading? We have SO MUCH available out here.
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    Re: Newb(ish)
    I got the OHV sticker through third party day one. I always just renew through the website. I thought about using an engine of a quad with reverse. Considering I can't weld, I'm gonna try the GY6. If I can get a top speed of 45-50 mph I would be happy.

    This buggy will be strictly built for the street. I just wanted something to enjoy the weather around the neighborhood.
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