Hi there,

I recently joined minibuggy.net to see what others are doing with there builds. I am a kid so I have to make do with what I have.

Also this is not spam. I put this same thing in the projects in progress thread because I did not realize there is a welcome mat.

Over the summer I started my own lawn business to make some money. The first thing I did was buy a welder. My dad and I found a very good deal on a heavy duty power systems 120v MiG/flux core welder and a Hobart 160i stickimate. After that I bought a dirt oval race kart with a 420cc "big block" motor. This kart was very very fast! after I finished building this kart I wanted to do more with my metal fabrication skills. My dad and I restore classic cars so we had some prior knowledge to building. I bought a cb 750 motor and I wanted to build a one seater buggy. One day my dad was looking through Facebook marketplace and found a badland buggy st3 rolling chassis that was welded up (mostly). We went to go pick the frame up and it turns out, the guy who had the buggy also had a motorcycle shop. When we brought the buggy home we realized that for the same amount of money we would have to put in the cb 750 to get it running, we could buy an entire complete bike. We messaged the guy with the shop and asked him what types of bikes he has to sell. We ended up getting a gsxr 600 k1 which supposedly only needed a little bit of work to get running. When we started taking it apart we realized that a lot of parts were missing. Here is where I am now. Should I spend my money into the gsxr 600 or save up and buy a bigger running bike. even if I got the gsxr 600 running, would it be enough to power the 2 seater st3? Let me know.

If you read this far I greatly appreciate it,