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    Thanks for the Add
    Hello Everyone... Thanks for the add.

    (This is 'wheels')
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    Re: Thanks for the Add
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    Welcome (back) to MBN - share what you be up to. I think there are a few here that will be very interested.
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    Re: Thanks for the Add
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    Why you startin over Wheels?

    And welcome back.
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    did you use a special bigfoot camera or something ,you know all blurry could be a tree stump kinda thing .
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    Re: Thanks for the Add
    Damn... i replied, then went to edit so I could add my website and it deleted. Crap.

    Ok... the short version Bull:

    Family member inspired me about 6 months ago... so, I started a company building Campground Cruisers. Initially, offering 2-3 models... and a couple of different versions(electric, gas, etc) of each. I plan to add more models(I already know and have the plans/models) later if I make past the first year.

    Will also be offering frames, rollers, etc.

    Website is there is a lot in there... but I havent published all of it yet. I do have pictures on my Wheeler Minis facebook page though.

    I plan to go live in Feb or March of this year.

    And that is the rest of the story... as Paul Harvey would say.
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