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    new guy from Texas
    hey guys. i just moved to Texas and will no longer be able to snowmobile lol. I had a honda odyssey years ago and had a blast with it. now im looking to build something on a grander scale. i have a complete drivetrain from a 670 skidoo Mach1 and will be fabricating a chassis. this will be my first time building. as the build progresses i will probably ask alot of dumb questions so sorry in advance. if anyone has used a sled drivetrain and has tips i would greatly appreciate it. i do have experience with fabrication. i spent years as a millwright and i am a fair welder. my brother is an engineering student and will be helping with the chassis design.
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    Re: new guy from Texas
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    Welcome to MiniBuggy ..My buggy is powered by a Yamaha Apex motor and primary clutch a Artic Cat secondary clutch and i set up the belt size to a SkiDoo formula III and a RPM forward rev box . The combo has worked great for the last 10 yrs.
    The question is not if its gona roll. Its when ..

    That be some kind of church cruzzer or commuter bike thingy ?
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    Re: new guy from Texas
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    Welcome to MBN.

    Start here: How to design and build A-Arm suspension

    Look up a few of my builds - all are CVT drive, most using sled engines.

    One option for a drivetrain is look at a UTV transmission. Most are geared towards a sled type of RPM, have forward, neutral, low and high forward along with a PTO for 4 wheel drive. I’m using an XP1k drivetrain in my current project. They’re more and more plentiful and can take some serious hp.
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    Re: new guy from Texas
    I've got a 670 in my pilot, it rips but I need to improve the rear suspension and also add a support bearing onto the driven clutch, I think the added HP was a little too much for the input bearing,
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