25 years ago, I welded up a frame for a Kanoffroad RS All Terrain Vehicle. I had the tires, seats, steering and engine on hand. Then life (and divorce / moving twice, building new shop, etc.) stepped in to ruin my plans. Chassis got tossed, but I've carried the rest around with me ever since. I've been getting interested again in building a single or dual seat off road vehicle; not necessarily a sand buggy. I can't believe the advances since I started doing this decades ago. I'd love to hear any suggestions on a vehicle design for a relative newbie. I can cut steel, bend tubing, weld, build hydraulic systems, set up engines, and lots of other miscellaneous 'talents'. I've done lots of reading, but none of you build things the same way and everyone always has great new ways to 'improve' designs. Guide me

I'm looking forward being involved here. Gotta go ask some questions in the engine section ... talk soon!