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    Hello From So Cal (the High Desert)
    Hi My name is Bryan, I like good music / food. Building things, anything that goes faster than 100mph and long walks on the beach. If your single and looking for a good time give me a call, my number should be appearing at the bottom of your screen. OH SH*T Wrong Website!!!! I used to belong to this site about 8-10 years ago, also the Edge site, I'm building a Piranha 2 and Rorty R-82/16. I also belong to a couple of gun building sites(being Ex-Army) Everything else I guess I'll just Blame It On My ADHD and a need to stay Busy!!!
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    Re: Hello From So Cal (the High Desert)
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    Scottsdale, AZ. 10.9 miles from the trailheads
    Howdy Bryan, welcome back to the madness.
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    Re: Hello From So Cal (the High Desert)
    Welcome! Have you started either build or just planning out ?
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