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    Re: New member but been scouring the site for a year lol
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    @Jerm planning to use a Nytro, only other sled with the cast side bulkheads but also going street legal so not sure with the needed gear reduction it will have enough top end at reasonable rpm to work
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    Re: New member but been scouring the site for a year lol
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    I still have 9.34:1 final drive ratio and you're engine is larger, you can start at 8:1 and see where that takes you. Best part about these chaincases is that you won't be running a pizza sized sprocket on the back and you have a lot of options to change ratios by either changing gears in the chaincase or swapping sprockets. Keep that engine and bulkheads all together as one unit if you can, then just drop it in position in your frame, hook up the sprocket, easy. I had to trim my bulkhead a bit and I hated the fact I did that, if my engine bay was a bit bigger I'd have left it, then it could be turned back into a sled for winter!
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