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    New/OLD guy that loves to ride.
    Hi all my name Is Streb ( Jeff Strebel ) live in Utah love to Dune have for over 45 years. current ride is a 05 Collier Sand Rail with a Hayabusa power plant with RPM rear gear box for reverse, Have turbo just not installed.This is my second car, my first was a Larry short sand car with the same power plant. Before that I was a biker,CR500 had 7-8 of them but with age comes a cage. and braking my back twice helped make that decision. LOL also have a 08 Rhino that we enjoy in the awesome Utah mountains, couple of sport quads and dirt bikes as well.Have read a lot of posts just wanted to join and see what I can learn to make make my car and experience at the dunes even better
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    Re: New/OLD guy that loves to ride.
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    Welcome to MiniBuggy Streb your avatar buggy pict looks like. A cool buggy . Utah ae I would assume u get up ta StAnthony ,about my favorite dunes
    The question is not if its gona roll. Its when ..

    That be some kind of church cruzzer or commuter bike thingy ?
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    Re: New/OLD guy that loves to ride.
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    Welcome to MBN.

    Ah the good ol' phrase "With age comes a cage." I refuse to acknowledge my age.

    Sounds like you have a great experience base and definitely a great starting platform. What route are you thinking of going? Modding present stuff or ground up?

    CR500 - a real man's bike! I never could get the darned things kicked over and the few times I've ridden them I was amazed at how badly they vibrate! I like my KTM's e-button. (Spoiled? Nah, with age comes EFI and an e-button.)
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    Re: New/OLD guy that loves to ride.
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    Hey Streb, I hear ya, I have just this year decided it's time to sit in rather than sit on, I have a service Honda CR500 that will be going up for sale as soon as I rebuild the rear shock along with a Banshee and a hybrid Cannondale frame with CR500 powerplant.
    Wish I could afford to move to Utah/Idaho area, but gotta work
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