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    Houston area new guy
    Hey everyone. I'm glad I found this here forum. Right now I have a 2013 RZR XP900. I am really lookin at the idea o building a buggy basically the same dimensions as the RZR. I ride mostly tight trails, heavy mud, and water. Trying to get some good ideas and such. I'm thinkin four wheel steering and maybe solid axels. I know it's gonna kill ground clearance but I'd like to take a go at it. I have a couple pics of a buggy I saw around the area and will upload them when I get that chance to get on the computer. Super excited about takin this route.
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    Re: Houston area new guy
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    Howdy B

    Sorry about the delayed response - been busy and haven't had a lot of time on the site other than doing admin stuff (registering new members).

    Houston, eh? You should have some good areas around there to play.

    Four wheel drive, steering and such would be a good project. There are a couple four wheel drive rides on the site, but I can't think of any four wheel steering. I'd be making two sets of a-arms that are the same (one pair of left, one pair of right) and pretty much just making each end look like the other (think original Humvee military vehicle, not the P.O.S. H2 or H3) as a design idea. That, as I recall, had one upper a-arm and one lower a-arm that worked on all four corners.

    Transmission could probably be done with something along the line of the XP's drive train.

    Throw out ideas and thoughts and see where it goes.

    Once again, welcome to MBN.
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