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    First Build: HELP!
    Ok im really excited to start a project and build a minibuggy but i dont know where to start. This is my first build so i figured i find a good set of plans and go from there. Im about 6 foot 250lbs and would like to build something that i can actually fit into. Any suggestions on where to find good plans and how to get started.
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    Re: First Build: HELP!
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    Welcome to MBN!

    Before jumping to plans please tell us how the car will be used, single or two seater, desired powerplant if known and approximate budget.
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    Re: First Build: HELP!
    Welcome to the site, I agree with Gene, it all depends on what the application the buggy will be used for
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    Re: First Build: HELP!
    well i want somthing i can take out on the orv trails, like a quad alternative. so i want it to be a single seater with a full seat of some sort. moderate hp im not lookin to break any speed records but i would be happy with 45+mph and my budget is flexible im not lookin to build this over night, i want to do some research and make a game plan. this is my first real project so i want to take my time and do it right. im a good welder so thats not an issue and i have access to all types of welding equipment
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    Re: first build:HELP!
    check out Mini Sandrail & Off Road Go Kart Parts and Plans . i bought their plans, and started to build their single seater panther. i felt like the plans were very easy to follow. i ended up scraping that build, because i decided i wanted to build a two seater with a lot of power(not sure some of the parts in my plans were designed for HIGH horsepower)! the plans show you how to build almost everything! such as the frame, trailing arms, a-arms, spindles, center drive carrier, hubs, ....ect! VERY DETAILED blue prints! greg(the owner) has his phone number on the website. you can call him with any concerns you may have!
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    Re: first build:HELP!
    check out the plans from Rorty and Edge. very good plans (much better then the panther plans IMO) and both plans have a LOT of support on this site...

    Clay Watson
    Kustom Kar Audio
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