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    Rhino wheels
    I have the Rhino bolt pattern as 4/110, but I'm guessing the spigot hole is 90mm. Could one of you kind Rhino owners please confirm for me the spigot hole in a stock Rhino wheel?

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    Re: Rhino wheels
    I was told 2 3/8"
    I haven;t actually verified it
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    Re: Rhino wheels
    Ah Diirk, I'm glad you dropped in. Thanks for the post. You have a Rhino, would you mind checking the diameter of the wheel spigot on a Rhino hub for me please? It's pretty crucial to something I'm working on.

    I've been told 3 different diameters by 4 different people and I'd really like to get it from someone with a Rhino hub or wheel right in front of them. *
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    Re: Rhino wheels
    Sorry, it's been hectic around here.
    I'll make a point of checking it out this weekend.
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