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    Pending regulations in the UTV world
    Please take a minute to learn about some pending 'safety' regulations in the UTV industry.

    Polaris is pushing to delay the motion for these regulations so that they can be reasonably worked out with companies actually involved with the UTV industry.

    CPSC Ruling - Protect Your Right To Ride | Polaris Off Road Vehicles
    Polaris RAGER 570/1000 S Hybrid
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      • Rear: Ranger 900 XP A-arm/hubs

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    Re: Pending regulations in the UTV world
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    I have a neighbor who is a lobbyist for a company in the telecommunications industry. He travels to Washington on a regular basis to meet with government officials and discuss proposed legislation and new regulations pushed out by various government agencies that regulate the telecom industry.

    The stereotypical image of a lobbyist is someone who wines and dines government officials in order to get sweetheart legislation that favors their industry. It's interesting talking with him, however, because you get a slightly different view of the folks in Washington.

    It probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that government officials are not necessarily the best and the brightest. Many of them, especially the politically appointed officials, don't have a background in the industry that they regulate. The changes proposed by the CPSC in the Polaris video is a good example. I doubt that anybody at the CPSC who is involved in these decisions has any off-roading experience. They're just taking some highway safety standards and perfunctorily applying them to off-road vehicles.
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    Re: Pending regulations in the UTV world
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    LoL then those same regulatorz let the so called smart car on the road and now the bastards want ta mess with off road shit
    The question is not if its gona roll. Its when ..

    That be some kind of church cruzzer or commuter bike thingy ?
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