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    Turnkey Sandrails - ALL TYPES - CORB FRIENDLY!
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    Welcome to the Turnkey Sandrail section of Turnkey Solutions. This section is where turnkey sandrail owners can share adventures, knowledge, tips and tricks. This section is for any turnkey sandrail and everything that gets done to them from mild to wild.

    Of special note is that this section is intended to be a place where import owners get support and help.

    Let's start with the rest of this thread dedicated to turnkey owners saying howdy to one another. Tell us what part of the country you live in, where you ride and about your ride.

    OK turnkey gang. This is your section so let's see what you can do!
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    Re: Turnkey Sandrails - ALL TYPES - CORB FRIENDLY!
    howdy gang, I'm still trying to figure out where to find the gearoil capacity for my TM 150XRX with the gy6 150cc and integral reverse. Thanks for the replies so far. I bought a Haynes service manual on gas scooters and it will do for my scooters but didn't cover my buggy engine. iIf I ever find out I will post it in case anyone else has this question. Thanks again.
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