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    GY6 Mystery Bushing?
    Hey long time lurker first time poster. I hope I'm posting this in the right sub-forum?

    Anyways last year I bought an 07' Baja Dune 150 with a 150cc GY6. I'm getting it ready for the warm weather hopefully coming soon and performing some maintenance (brakes, belt, fluids, filters, plug, gas tank cleaning) and doing a couple small upgrades (UNI, rejet, coil, cdi). While pulling the cover off to replace the belt I had what looks like some sort of bushing fall out and I can't seem to find where it goes? Any ideas? Bonus part for job well done?

    20170304_180510 by teebs_89, on Flickr
    20170304_180547 by teebs_89, on Flickr


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    Re: GY6 Mystery Bushing?
    I do believe that is likely from the long bolt/rod that goes from the side case and thru the cover and is used to hang the exhaust. It's probably Used to take up the space between the cover and shoulder on the rod. If not that, then make sure your variator and clutch are aligned properly, only other place inside the cover that matches the ID would be behind the clutch. I also think it's too small of an ID to be a spacer for the output shaft/drive sprocket.
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