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    street legal bms 400 cc?
    Hey all, I can't find if this has been asked before (search isn't working on my droid). I am purchasing a new BMS Sand Sniper 400cc. In the add it says 50 state road this true, would I have to add onto the existing electronics such as licence plate light? Naturally I would think I would have to get it inspected. But I could see dealers using this "street legal" term to sell units, when it isn't entirely true.

    Has anyone done/tried this before? I understand state law would vary, but. I would guess the basics would be close to the same... Thnx guys
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    Re: street legal bms 400 cc?
    Mo. allowed me to license my TM 150XRX Buggy because it fit the criteria required.Turn signals,brake light.high and low beam headlights etcetera. I talked to my state police (who said it could be licensed),had it inspected and did the rest at the local license bureau. It helped that my my MSO said DUNE BUGGY. Good luck.
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