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    Which 2-seater, 250cc off-road buggy?
    I'm new to this go-kart and buggy thing. I'm primarily a motorcycle racer, but I'd like to find me a nice little 2 seat, off-road/desert type riding oriented, 250cc buggy to play around on. Want to take my wife and son and show them some offroading fun.

    Plan is to buy something used. I want to know what you guys think is the best deal for the money, whether it be new or used?

    I'm mechanically inclined and love to modd and fix things up esp when someone tells me it's not worth it. lol. Chinese or foreign made stuff doesn't scare me. What do you guys recommend? I found a few in local classifieds.

    2007 Hammerhead

    2005 Hammerhead cc

    Not sure what this yellow one is, but its 250cc cc

    SunLModel SLGK-250-2AIt

    Kinroad Boxer
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    Re: Which 2-seater, 250cc off-road buggy?
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    If possible drive each one and pick the best how it feels and value for condition. Would better if parts are available over one that does not.
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    Re: Which 2-seater, 250cc off-road buggy?
    The issue here with Chinese Buggies is to buy one who has an importer who has parts on hand in a warehouse. First recognize on Chinese buggies that the name on the side can be anyone an importer chooses & does not nesc represent any indication of quality.

    Of the better Importers in the US with a track record who usually do have parts & are known for decent buggies , are Kinroad ,Blade, Carter & hammerhead. I personally would not buy a SUNL regardless of the price. You also may want to visit as they specialize in Chinese buggies & have numerous threads about some of these issues posted by owners.
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