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    Re: Pro's & con's TAZ Car V's Dakart
    Quote Originally Posted by Rat4020 View Post
    He said around 21000.00

    I started prototyping my new SR1 last year. I haven't had much interest in single seaters so I never finished it. The frame is pretty much done, the trailing arms are tacked up, the upper arms are the same as my SR2, but I haven't built the lower a-arms. I might be interested in getting this one finished up to roller form and making someone a good deal. It's a one off, so nothing else like it out there. By the time he finishes it he will be under 21k. I may be interested doing more to the rail to get it closer to being done if he's not in a rush, but I can't hit the 21k mark for it as a completely finished rail, I sold the single seaters for $30,999 originally....
    Yes, i'm on facebook clicky clicky.................

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    Re: Pro's & con's TAZ Car V's Drakart
    Drakart Is still in business... Google it..and he has some new cars due out..
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    Re: Pro's & con's TAZ Car V's Drakart
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    Cold Spring MN ...Dunz season's ust around the corner
    Yoshi He is loooking for a two seater.He said to get his wife off a quad,you know the roll factor.It seems every time we get to the dunes she gets on a quad and biffs it .At 40+ even Boneva wont help that.. LOL. Ive showed him your cars & web sight before
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