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    Re: TK's being built??
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    so, are the TK's not being built anymore? seems like there isn't much talk about them these days... and i still haven't seen one in person, dangit. hoping someone down here(alabama) would have one by now.
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    Hey Wheels... i haven't seen any either. i guess people just aren't buying them down here.

    Ahhaaahaa your funny.
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    Re: TK's being built??
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    People aren't buying them anymore because Brian Deegans kids keep winning all the races with their endless amounts of $ and funding to play with!

    Yes they are over priced for what they are and I have seen some with crazy high $ components. But, its like getting into a Go kart and only going 40 MPH but turning on a dime, Its a hell of alot of fun and gets your adrenaline going just as much as riding in a full size sandrail!

    These are probably like 15G each! But they sure do look like fun!
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