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    New RZR Live Axle Gear Box



    I just finished this drive and am starting on a reverse model.

    This Live axle box is to allow you to install a street bike motor to a Polaris RZR 1000 or 900 side x side

    This box is machined from 6061 aircraft grade billet aluminum.
    The shafts are machined from 4043 and are heat treated
    you can take the original 28 spline axles from the RZR 1000 and plug them into this box.
    Apparently the stock cvs have about 45 degrees of angle travel and the 9-3 cv have only 26 degrees.
    With this live axle box you will not lose 5" of travel by using 930 cvs
    The drive to the motor is about 7" higher than the out drives and keep the chain to the motor level.
    The box has 8 mountpoints designed to allow the box to hinge on the bottom and allow you to putadjustable links on the top
    With this setup you don’t need a chain tensioner.
    This box allows the street bike motor and this live axle driveto fit between the stock RZR sway bar and the rear suspension links.
    There is 35% gear reduction inside the box
    Live axle no reverse
    Reverse model coming soon
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    Re: New RZR Live Axle Gear Box
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    Nice! I assume you meant 4340, not 4043? (Mmm aluminum welding rod )

    How well do the axles hold up? I've seen quite a few snap when landing under power, maybe the higher end ones hold up better?

    I've witnessed a couple streetbike swaps on the newer 1000/turbo gearbox, seems like an odd setup (low ratio, not intended for that much input torque), but they swear they held up just fine.
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    Re: New RZR Live Axle Gear Box
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    Looks great!
    Are the case halves each a single piece? Nice work.

    If you’re worried about the axles look into KNINE Racing’s setup. Ben has it figured out.
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    Re: New RZR Live Axle Gear Box
    Looks awesome! RZR axle's are actually really strong, I put around 300hp to stock XPT's launching on anti-lag at 6k... but you can break anything. I see this being a big seller.....Now I just need to save up the coin for my motor swap!
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    Re: New RZR Live Axle Gear Box
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    Nice looking part!
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