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    Re: Spring weights flipped
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    Forgot to add, but if your main spring rate is too low, you will run out of crossover adjustment, and end up binding the coils before you can achieve enough force.
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    Re: Spring weights flipped
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    Thanks for all the feedback. I have been rolling this around in my head trying to come up with a logical reason for it. The only thing I came up with is...

    A way to address the nose dive from braking, high COG, Forward body roll in general.

    Two other things came to mind. 1) this set up was done 10 years ago, maybe the industry as a whole looked at things differently then. It was also for dune riding, and I am not familiar with that type of set up.
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    Re: Spring weights flipped
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    With a shorter tender there is no logic. Bad info, instead.
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