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    Small wheels for GY6
    Hi all, I have an old unbranded 2 seater buggy with 150cc gy6. From previous discussions with members I believe its a Gsmoon with a fairly rare engine in that the wheel axles go directly in the gearbox which is part of the engine instead of being chain driven. Anyway my issue is that when I bought it, it came with four steel car wheels with car tyres on them. The wheels are too big and rub on the suspension at the rear and hit the frame at the front when turning. So I want to put on 4 small buggy wheels but I can't seem to find anything on the net, the wheel hubs are four bolt 110mm pcd. I did buy 4 nobbly tyred wheels but they turned out to be 100pcd and I can't find adapters that go 110pcd hub to 100pcd wheel. They would also be too wide so would need spacers also. Does anyone in the UK know where I could get 4 small wheels with tyres for it? As its only 150cc I don't want anything big as it probably won't have the power for them. I've also got an 1100cc buggy for the real fast stuff.
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    Re: Small wheels for GY6
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    Hey Mibazza, 4/110 is the same bolt pattern as a Yamaha Rhino. You can get 12 inch rims(ITP for example) and use 23 inch tires if ya wanted. I bought a set of 12 rims and 23 inch mongrels for my wife's buggy. Plenty of places have them. You could also get quad racing rims for that pattern too... if going quad racing wheels, you could get 20 inch tires, or 21, or 22, etc. quad rims/tires are what I have on my single seater.
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    Re: Small wheels for GY6
    4/110 is common on honda atvs. I'm running 11 inch honda rims on my son's gy6 buggy with GBC dirt devil 11x8-23 tires. I have no problem getting it to 35 with me on it so the tires aint eating that much power.
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