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    Rear Suspension Help
    Hey guys, I have been designing a Single Seat buggy. I have got the chassis, cage, front A Arms, and engine cradle designed. I have an idea of how I want to do the rear suspension, but I figured I would ask the pros before I set it in stone. Below is all the information and research I have considered in my setup, but some extra thoughts would make me feel better.

    I am using an ATV motor. The current design has the output sprocket from the motor go to a jackshaft placed directly behind the motor. That shaft will feed down to the rear suspension pivot. ( This isn't necessarily the best method to drive the rear wheels, but this is my first build, and I don't have the confidence to design a setup that incorporates Rear A Arms, and CV axles. ) Anyways, this is all the farther I've got due to indecision and lack of information.

    I have seen people use a long jackshaft as the entire rear suspension mounting point. This is easy to design and fabricate, and it also ensures the suspension pivot is lined up with the jackshaft. However, it would require more bearings to handle the load of the long jack, as well as the suspension work.

    The other method, which seems preferred is to use a short jackshaft, and use links as the suspension pivots. This relieves the jackshaft of the stress the suspension delivers. Using adjustable links as the pivot point would also allow me to set chain tension.

    The indecision comes from the type of rear I would like. The first method would allow me to easily incorporate independent rear via 2 separate trailing arms. The long jackshaft would already be in place, I would just need 2 more sprockets and a chain. The second method would only allow single solid rear due to the shorter jackshaft, but I feel would be more reliable.

    That's about all I can muster up right now. Thanks in advance, guys!
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    Re: Rear Suspension Help
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    Since this is your first build, I would go for the single solid rear axle setup (live axle). It will get your buggy built quicker and be a simpler design. After you get some experience building and riding your buggy, you can make modifications. I've rebuilt the front and rear-end on my buggy several times. It's part of the learning process.
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    Re: Rear Suspension Help
    What fabrication equipment do you have access to? Lathe? Mill? Bandsaw? Tig or Mig welder? What? What you can make will guide my suggestions.
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    Re: Rear Suspension Help
    The main equipment I have available for this project is an angle grinder, MIG welder, drill press, and belt sander. A lathe would be awesome, but I can build most of the buggy without one.

    I have actually decided on just doing a simple single swingarm for now. It's easy, works great, and like mentioned earlier, I can always change it later on.
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    Re: Rear Suspension Help
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    Like you, I was unsure, but I did trailing arms and it actually seems like it will work and wasn't too difficult with normal tools.
    I had a good thread but Photobucket ruined that.

    Here is a link to my bucket if you want to see it...may give you more ideas.
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