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    King Sand Car suspension questions / rebuild
    New here first post.

    Ok me and my brother each just got King Sand Cars and live an hour away from the Oregon Dunes!
    Car #38 and #64

    I feel the suspension is too soft on both anyone have any suggestions on how to dial these in better?
    They have King Coilovers with piggyback resi's
    200 over 250 front
    250 over 300 rear

    I assume these need to be freshened up anyway being one car is a 2006 and one a 2008 any recommendations for a shock good rebuilder.

    Any other King Sand Car guys on here??
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    Re: King Sand Car suspension questions / rebuild
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    For King shocks, I would go back to the manufacturer. They offer rebuilding services on their shocks. Carver Performance is another option but they mostly work on Fox, with support for a few other brands.

    The best options for changing the ride would be a shock rebuild using either heavier oil or changing the valve stack. I suspect that King would be able to advise on which option is the best for your shocks.
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