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    Changing wheel offset
    Hi everyone.
    I have only posted once on this board but I do troll this site. I have 3 Honda F350 oddy's.
    One has been totalled due to a bad crash.
    Like you guys here I like to fab my own parts and pieces.
    Somewhere on this site (I believe) is a post where someone here has changed the rim offset by removing the inner hub and flipping it around. I can not find this post. Can someone direct me to this post by posting a short cut to it ??
    Hope I can find this post again LOL.
    Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    Re: Changing wheel offset
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    What's you're goal? I don't know what you mean by flipping the hubs around, but maybe if I understand what you want the end result to be I can help you along.
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    Re: Changing wheel offset
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    You cant flip the hub because most hubs use 2 different sized bearings, so the outer bearing wont fit on the spindle if you flip the hub. Also the brake rotor wont line up with the caliper.

    You can flip the wheel if the outside of the wheel is flat to seat against the hub. This wheel change your wheel offset either further out or closer in. But by doing so in the front, it changes your steering geometry, KPI, Scrub Radius. This change will affect what you feel on the steering wheel.

    Post some pics of what you have.
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    Re: Changing wheel offset
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    On steel rims you can cut out the center piece and flip it. It's usually welded in 4 spots. Like this:
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