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    Suspension design?
    I've been reading a lot on here and i have learned a lot but i still have some questions about designing suspensions. First i'm let me tell you what I'm trying to design. I am trying to design a front long travel set up for a guy at work, taking his old school vw style front end dune buggy suspension set up and make an a-arm suspension. I have a full automotive degree and i am current getting a ME major now so i'm not stupid. I just was wondering what would be the best way to figure out how to design the a-arms and where they mount to the frame (i.e. how far apart are the mounting points on the upper a-arms and lower a-arms (vertical and horizontal), how long the a-arms should be, and maybe figuring out forces coming to the arms to know what i build can handle his "dune" driving. I have an enginerring program so i have some stuff designed out and can show you what i am thinking if this helps. Thanks in advanced for the help
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    Re: Suspension design?
    What program are you using?

    I did mine in inventor:

    Im no expert but i figured the best way to do it was to start from the outside.

    First decide what wheels youll be using, then design the hubs and spindles with the right KPI.

    Then decide how much travel you want, then caster and camber throughout the travel...

    I started with the bottom wishbone, then did the top to control camber etc

    As I said im no expert, but this is what worked for me.
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    Re: Suspension design?
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    Like he said, its best to start from the outside and work in,but you have to end up close to the frame tubes that you already have so that's a little harder.IMO start with the attachment points on the spindles( are you using the VW hubs/spindles)and see if your program can connect arms to approximate points on the frame that you chose. Many guys on here that can help much more than this. Id like you to consider the way TutTech does his long travel beams.
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    Re: Suspension design?
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    I'd give DSrace (member here) a call or message. He builds a kit to long travel beam fronts to 20-24" travel. While it looks easy there are tons of headaches with front end work. I've seen half a dozen of the cars he converted or sold kits for. Looks factory.
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