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    heim joint question
    So I realized I need to upgrade my front A arms where they connect to the spindles from 1/2" heims to 5/8" to be a little more sturdy. I'm using homemade misalignment spacers, not cones, which means they are using a slightly smaller bolt. This is way too thin in my opinion and while they are grade 8 bolts I think it is a matter of time before they snap.

    When I went at my first build, I just went at it and never realized there are the RH thread and LH thread heims. I found chromolly 5/8" heim kits for 1/2" bolts with everything I need which I might pick up; I think it is an okay deal.

    I just want to make sure I'm right with this; do the RH threads go on the drivers side and vise versa?

    I'm not totally sure why it matters that might because even with all RH thread heims I have right now, I don't think there is any way it could unscrew as long as it is attached to the spindle (I'm using bushings on the frame side). It might be that I'm missing something here.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Re: heim joint question
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    LH vs RH only matters on tie rods. Larger diameter heims are good and quality high misalignment spaces make a difference.
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    Re: heim joint question
    Thanks Gene, makes sense. Just wanted to make sure they weren't more likely to get loose or something.
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    Re: heim joint question
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    It's probably for high misalignment purposes and wear, but all of the ATV arms use 3/4" Heims at the spindles and 1/2" heims at the frame.

    I just bought a set of these for my buggy build, and I've also bought a set that I replaced on my wife's banshee.
    4 ASR 3/4 Inch Teflon Lined Male Heim Joint-Rod Ends : eBay Motors (item 360230213158 end time Feb-07-10 09:50:39 PST)

    The tire/spindle side is exposed to alot of dirt and elements, so in addition to strength and realignment, I like the 3/4" size for long life too. On my banshee, the outer spindle side 3/4" heims wore out eventually and started showing play, but the inner 1/2" heims had no problem and I left them alone.

    I've also bought a set of these heim boots for both of my quads and will probably do the same for the buggy build. They are not really cheap, but I like them:
    Seals-it RERS 2-6PK Rod End Rubber Boot,Heim joint boot : eBay Motors (item 320472472016 end time Feb-07-10 20:22:39 PST)
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