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    ST4, Should I or Should I not Build one? Opinions Please!
    Hi Guys, Introductions first, I have been lurking on here reading lots of forums on different buggies. I live in Peru but am from the USA. I have decent fabrication skills.

    I really like the look of the ST4 and I want a 2 seater.
    I have read all of the forums and I think read all of the problems builders have encountered. That said, I'm seriously ready to start an ST4 project with my son.

    BUT, I want opinions about it.
    Where I live (Peru) there are no large motorcycle engines and importing one is nearly impossible, plus I want reverse. So I am planning on using a car engine, We have several options here of 4cyl, +/- 2 liters with a central gearbox with equal length CV axles (Subaru & VW Golf).

    I am also looking a doing a 2:1 push-rod suspension due to the complete lack of off-road shocks here. (10" push-rod travel to 5" coilover shock travel)

    My son and I are both 6-2 so a cabin stretch (length-height) will be done.

    The plan is not a show buggy, but a cheap toy to beat the living crap out of in the deserts here (think Mad Max), maybe even a few runs on one of the Dakar rally routes. I plan to buy nothing at the expensive "buggy" shops, but source Toyota hubs, brakes and axles here along with other parts I can source inexpensively, fabricating whatever else I need to.

    Unlike the USA, Machine work, laser cutting, tube bending and steel tubing is very cheap here, so that wont be a big expense (I can get tube bent for $1 per bend). If I get bored with the tediousness of welding all the connections I can hire a welder for about $35 per day. My budget is $1800 depending on the motor cost.

    Help me with anything I am missing. I know I will be on my own as far as support from Badlands.
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    Re: ST4, Should I or Should I not Build one? Opinions Please!
    A Push-rod suspension something like this

    pushrod front end.jpg

    Or this
    pushrod front end 2.jpg
    Both would have to be modified to allow more travel, but this is the idea.
    The stock ST4 shock towers would have to go.
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