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    ST4 Rear Suspension
    Hey guys I,ve been getting on here following other people builds for a while now trying to get ideas for when I finally start mine, and I have already found so many good ideas. Since I will be waiting until next spring or summer That gives me plenty of time to figure everything out so hopefully my build goes smooth ( I know I'm dreaming).

    So I'm no suspension engineer but the st4 rear suspension doesn't exactly seem ideal being parallel equal length control arms designed for no plunge for the universal joint axles. Well I like many will be switching to cv's and I would also like to know if anyone might have a few hints on how to tweak the ST4 rear suspension mounting points to get something a little better. Now I'm not looking to go crazy and reengineer the whole thing but at the same time maybe I am haha who knows there's already enough other stuff I'm changing from the plans.

    If anyone has any ideas or has already done what I'm looking to do I'd appreciate hearing it
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    Re: ST4 Rear Suspension
    Here's a suspension calculator, I had a go at this but I have no friggen idea how they get no plunge over anything near 20" of travel (Mines not exactly that similar to an ST4 anymore). I'm using CV's but needed to settle with plunge style and reduced rear travel for the short term hoping a redesign of the hubs, arms and rear driveline in the future might be able to support it but in my mind the tolerances were so close it was too big of a risk early in the game.
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    Re: ST4 Rear Suspension
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    For my setup I went with Cavalier axles and hubs, probably not the best idea for everybody due to cost. I had the axles shafts cut down and resplined. It cost me about $175, but I couldn't bring myself to use the PTO shaft that was in the original design. Sure I could have scoured junkyards looking for the right length shafts too, but my time was worth more to me than that kind savings. I have yet to take mine off road yet, but it has gotten some on road thrashing around my neighborhood. I think the design works just fine, sure there is probably a better way to do it, but it works for what I am going to do with it. Unless you're going to compete in some races I wouldn't over think redesigning
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    Re: ST4 Rear Suspension
    Hey I forgot about this thread, I've messed with that calculator before but didn't really get anywhere, I think ill just keep the equal length arms and build them to length to match the cv's I choose. I was really hoping to be into this project by now but my truck has been dragging on and I dont have room or money for 2 projects. Doesn't look like I'll have a buggy for this year
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