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    Help!! Buggy doing some weird stuff I cannot find the problem
    My st4ish buggy has a 930 rear end and when I took it out tonight I had a weird experience, I was running around for a bit with no problem but after a while the buggy started bogging down when in hear and rolling while hitting the gas but with clutch in would rev like normal, after a couple minute trying to limp back to my truck the car stopped and would not move I got a bunch of people to help me get it back on the trailer and brought it home lifted the rear end up to spin it in first gear and no grinding or anything abnormal.

    When I was in the dune I would hit the gas and it would hunker down but not move which led me to believe there was a hub problem but any opinions of things to check will be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Help!! Buggy doing some weird stuff I cannot find the problem
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    Some information on the engine and drivetrain setup would help us troubleshoot. What type of differential are you running?

    If no diff, then maybe something with the clutch. If the engine revvs up, but it won't go anywhere, then . . .
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    Re: Help!! Buggy doing some weird stuff I cannot find the problem
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    Any chance your brakes are hanging up for some reason?
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