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    ST4 Build According To Plans
    Hi All!! I am at a point into my build where I have a rolling chassis am currently am waiting on my cbr600rr engine to be delivered. I have question(s) in regards to the Fuel Cell/ Fuel Pump portion of the build. The cbr600rr fuel pump is installed into the fuel tank from the bottom and am sure plenty of crotch rocket engine are the same way. The plans call for a RCI 2121A fuel cell and am wondering how most of you ST4 builders installed the fuel pumps, from the top side down, bottom side up as I plan to use the cbr600rr cluster and would like for the functions/features to work. Thanks in Advance.
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    Re: ST4 Build According To Plans
    On the bottom of the tank going up is how I did my cbr 929. And the low fuel light works too that way
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    Re: ST4 Build According To Plans
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    On my build I am going with a different fuel cell (8 gallon plastic) and I am using an external automotive fuel pump and regulator. I still have to figure out what to do with the sending unit because like you I am also using the 600rr cluster.
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