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    st3 noob, few questions
    Hi guys just download the st3 plans keen to get started looking at some built ones on google has any one put slightly longer control arms on or a smaller roof chop? The body looks to tall, or is it just me thinking it looks that way any advice would b good please
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    Re: st3 noob, few questions
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    You want at least 5" (125 mm) of room from the top of your head to the bottom of the cage.

    Yea, a lower cage looks long and lean and mean, and it'll absolutely destroy the top of your head when you roll or endo your car. Been there, done that, very, very glad I had a helmet on. You'd be amazed at how far the human body can stretch in a good (bad?) crash. Even being held in tight with five point harnesses, my co-driver and I suffered from very sore heads and necks after the crash.

    Looks are not worth a broken neck.

    Welcome to MBN, btw.
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    Re: st3 noob, few questions
    ok thanks for the quick reply, ill start with the lower frame then take to a fab shop, not comftable making the bends my self lol, would pulling the front roll bar forward a couple of inches not make it look as tall
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