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    st2 build coming soon
    hey guys i am 15 years old and i am very mechanically inclined, i would like to build a st2 long travel, where i will be riding is in the crowsnest pass alberta/bc, i just quit my minimum wage job being a burger bitch, now im working and making about 800 bucks every 2 weeks part time, great hourly wage! i have the sabretooth plans but now that i will have alot more money coming in i have decided to build the st2 long travel, or if you guys have any suggestions of other plans, here is what i want from a buggy, single seat, long travel, strong roll cage, great suspension, good balance, not to wide so it can drive on 4 wheeler trails, and to make my dads Polaris rzr its bitch! i currently have a set of tires and rims, 2x 25-10-12 and 2x 25-8-12, 4 bolt common atv pattern, shocks but i think i will buy the fox nitrogen or air shocks that the plans call for, as for my size im about 5-10 or 11, about 250lbs, let me know if you guys think the st2 will be good for me and if not please recommend a set of plans to me, i have a 12 ton pipe bender and alot of tools, i can get all the machining besides the plasma table time to get the brackets cut for free,
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    Re: st2 build coming soon
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    Welcome to MBN

    sounds like you have a plan , and a good job to start making it happen.

    FYI: a Pipe bender will not bend tubing and will buckle it.
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    Re: st2 build coming soon
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    Hi Swabbster!
    Welcome aboard. Proto is correct about the pipe bender. Even filling tubes with sand wont help. Been there done that. Save up and buy a proper bender.
    Heres the one I have: MB-105 Standard Duty Bender
    Glock n Ballz
    Ft. Worth, Tx
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    Re: st2 build coming soon
    i will be using erw pipe, the bender will bend thicker tubing but not the thin shit, with that being said i will try to bend a sample and see if i can make it work,
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