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    Godfather's SS1000 Protolite
    I'm new to the board and purchased Bryzoe's buggy a few weeks ago from him (build thread here: Basic Protolite SS1000 Frame Build)

    Let me first off start by saying Bryzoe did one hell of an amazing job on the build. I've had the entire buggy looked over and the welds are top notch and you can tell he but a lot of time and probably frustration into building this vehicle. I'm definitely very lucky to have picked it up from him and he's been amazing at answering questions that i've had. Hopefully he will pop on in here as I update the thread to either correct or comment.

    The buggy definitely has very low miles on it and I believe it only saw the dunes up in the Northwest U.S. When it was delivered, it was definitely setup for dune application. The ride height was high (as can be expected) and overall suited that application very well. My intentions with the buggy are to have it setup for high speed desert / dirt and will likely enter it into a few races, might even have a separate setup for road coarse application ( I live in Salt Lake City). The first thing I addressed was lowering the ride height by several inches and correcting the steering to work with that. I took the buggy out to the Knolls, just east of Wendover. It has everything from high speed trails, wide open desert / dirt and dunes.

    I can tell you this thing absolutely rips and getting up to speed happens very quickly. That said, I did encounter a few items that are currently being addressed.

    1: The engine temp was running pretty hot within a few short minutes of driving under heavy load. I did have the engine temp light come on twice after a few minutes of hard driving and had to slow down and let it cool. The day was cut short to address this. Note: I did not continue to drive it hard when the light came on and was able to bring the temps down and light off within 20 seconds or so but had to keep driving slowly to bring the temps down to normal range for 3-4 minutes. Heating issue would repeat itself. The outside temp was somewhere in the high 80's.

    2: Since this was setup for the dune style application, there was a fair amount of steering play / slop. Ideal for dunes but not for my application

    3: The nitrogen shocks are sitting fairly soft and had a decent amount of roll. I did get it on 2 wheels once at not very high speed but tight turn. Sand was soft so i'm sure this contributed to it digging in and getting up on 2 wheels.

    4: I started to notice increase / decrease in steering response when turning right (I believe right). I slowed down to several miles per hour and began to turn left only to see the left wheel near sideways and not turning. One of the nuts on the front steering came lose and the steering rail fell off. Thankfully I was going slow and was able to put it back on and drive slowly back to the truck to tighten it with tools.

    5: Braking took significant force and had minimal bite

    Current adjustments / work in progress to rectify the above.

    1: There was not an overflow bottle connected and simply had an overflow dump tube on both radiators. I am installing an overflow and believe this should prevent overheating / hot temps. In the event it does not, I will be looking either moving the radiators back a little bit and adding airflow ducting either from the sides plumbing in or will have airflow ducting / snorkles made firewall behind the seats (sitting in between both seats) and plumbed to the radiators or removing the dual radiators and going with a large single radiator with dual fans on the top frame bars. I'll have the buggy out the week of the 15th to see if this needs to be done.

    2: I'm having the entire front end ripped apart and beefed up with larger joints, bolts, helm joints, etc. This should take out nearly all of the slop / play and give a near 1:1 steering feel. Also having all the bolts replaced with locking where needed.

    3: Having a complete alignment done along with corner balance and adding oil to the Fox 2.0 shocks to increase stiffness. If i'm still unhappy with them, I will be looking at coilover with remote reservoir setup.

    4: Same as 2. All nuts and bolts replaced with locking where needed and beefed up.

    5: Front calipers were positioned so that the bleeder screw was on the bottom resulting in loss / low brake pressure applying to the brakes. I am swapping the left and right calipers which will fix this. Rear calipers were positioned side to side versus vertical. I am having brackets made which will place them in more vertical position allowing for optimal brake pressure.

    I did purchase and EZ steer kit but do not feel it needs to be added so I will be returning it. Since I use a tinted visor on my race helmet, the digital temp becomes near impossible to read especially if slightly dirty. I will likely be adding large Defi Amber Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil pressure gauges.

    I also purchased a SpeedOdrd that needs to be calibrated a little bit more for speed accuracy. I'm currently pondering on removing the entire GSXR 1000 gauge cluster and having a whole new dash made and using a AIM IVA or MXG or MXP for all on in gauge cluster.

    Rear spoiler will be added. Deciding on look / build.

    I might also purchase a set of OMP or Sparco racing bucket seats (HTE-EVo or Pro Advantage).

    Nerf bars will also likely be adding for class racing.

    Now for some pics (pics are taken after lowered ride height):
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    Re: Godfather's SS1000 Protolite
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    Scottsdale, AZ. 10.9 miles from the trailheads
    Welcome to MBN!!

    I remember that build. He put a lot of time into it. Glad to hear that it's still being used.

    Great intro and write up and it's good to see someone that knows what's going on with a car.

    Definitely keep a log of what you're doing here. If nothing else it turns out to be a great place to come back and see what you've done/forgotten.
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    Re: Godfather's SS1000 Protolite
    I’ll definitely get pics up later. I tried earlier but the site seemed to have issues.

    I’m also picking up a Sierra car ( My buddy is the CEO and we grew up building Subaru’s together. He also owns Lyfe Motorsports and was the driver of the Lyfe Nissan GTR. Took the Sierra car out for a rip a few weeks ago and that vehicle is no joke. Just complete cross kart race built insanity.
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    Re: Godfather's SS1000 Protolite
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    Welcome aboard!!! As you can see, I'm also in the Salt Lake area, however my buggy is much more modest than yours. It has an air-cooled industrial engine (Predator 670) that I'm currently wringing out to get as much performance as it will give me. The only gauge on my buggy is a Tiny-Tach tachometer that bit the dust over the winter.

    Yeah, brake calipers that are mounted with the bleeder screw on the bottom. I've seen that movie and it doesn't turn out very well. At least you caught it and you have a fix.

    Post some pictures when you get a chance. You can always attach the pictures to your post. The site can be a little persnickety about image size, but I take them at 1024x768, or thereabouts, and they post without any issues. Maybe someone will look at the pictures and have some ideas about how to increase the airflow through the radiators, however, scoops sound like a good idea.
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    Re: Godfather's SS1000 Protolite
    Pics should be up and working. I should have everything completed on the buggy by Monday.

    Darwin, shoot me a PM if you ever want to go out and rip the buggies. Iím currently just loaner status lol
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    Re: Godfather's SS1000 Protolite
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    Scottsdale, AZ. 10.9 miles from the trailheads
    Pix were working, not sure what’s up now.
    I’ll poke around a bit later and see if I can make something happen.
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    Re: Godfather's SS1000 Protolite
    So I have a rather stupid question. Does the RMP gearbox have fluid that needs to be changed out or does it incorporate the oil from the GSXR engine?
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    Re: Godfather's SS1000 Protolite
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    Yes, it has it's own fluid.
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    Re: Godfather's SS1000 Protolite

    -installed radiator overflow bottle - routed overflow tubing
    replaced all the heim joints with more robust ones (improved steering response a fair amount)
    -Repositioned front and rear calipers, linger brake lines and adjusted bias
    -installed a flex AN fitting on fuel cap and ran tubing to vent rear of frame
    -drilled and installed new Dzus button and springs on vent panel above brake solenoids (allows for quick 1/4 turn removal.)

    Im not sure how far I want to take this buggy but future plans include

    -Nerf bars
    -ducting for radiators or relocation of radiators for better cooling
    -Fox 2.0 coil overs (piggyback)
    -upgrade front brakes to 2 piston calipers
    -electric quick steering rack
    -OMP or Sparco certified race seats
    -OMP steering wheel
    -AIM Data logger digital fashion gauge (will have new dash panel cut and rearrange layout)
    -fire suppression system
    -rear sway bar

    I’d say the buggy is 80% of where I’d ideally want it to be. I’m torn between keeping it or selling it and picking up a demo model Sierra Car RX3. I’ll take it out a few more times and figure which path I want to go. Pics of upgraded heim joints, misc suspension and steering bolts and joints, overflow and gas cap AN fitting

    <img src="" alt="jxGAg.jpg" border="0" />

    <img src="" alt="jx4tt.jpg" border="0" />
    <img src="" alt="jxbY8.jpg" border="0" />
    <img src="" alt="jxWDn.jpg" border="0" />
    <img src="" alt="jxSQ0.jpg" border="0" />
    <img src="" alt="jxLeS.jpg" border="0" />
    <img src="" alt="jxCGT.jpg" border="0" />
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    Re: Godfather's SS1000 Protolite
    Anyone have recommendations for a quick ration electric power steering rack?
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