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    sinister buggy photos
    happened across these, thought you might want to see the photos spreading yoshi... seems the word is getting around.

    Image of Duenen Buggy - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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    Re: sinister buggy photos
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    Sure looks like a Sinister but is it? It has no front brakes and I thought he put that on all? Might be a copy of his work?

    I am on a slow connection here and it keeps locking up when I try to lok at the rest of the photoes. Will try to check it out later on a faster on in town.
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    Re: sinister buggy photos
    Those pics are from the international motor show in Abu Dhabi which was Dec. 17th. through the 21st. 2008. My distributor had 2 of my rails in his booth for the show. The red one is the old model....

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    Re: sinister buggy photos
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    hey you might sell more if you name it the durker durker hahahahahaha
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