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    GS-500F Edge Sidewinder Video
    YouTube - GS-500F Sidewinder at Mudgee

    It's pretty much finished, just need to fix a few things after that shakedown run. It is an absolute WEAPON though, especially through all the trees at that property.
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    Re: GS-500F Edge Sidewinder Video
    MBN Video Editor daaboots's Avatar
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    Nice buggy! The motor has a real nice sound to it.
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    Re: GS-500F Edge Sidewinder Video
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    I love the sound of it, very nice!
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    Re: GS-500F Edge Sidewinder Video
    Cheers for the comments guys.

    YouTube - Mini-buggies at SORRA track

    New video, there were many people who turned up for the first meeting of mini-buggies at SORRA (near Sydney) and my dad snapped a bit of video. Enjoy!
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