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    My 05 Ridge Runner
    Well, I finally figured I'd share some pictures of my current ride. It's been sold and is scheduled for delivery after New Years.

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    VvvvvrrrrroooooooooooooooooommmmmmMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! !!!
    Yes, i'm on facebook clicky clicky.................

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    You sold this? How did it do in the sand? I know some people that have one (I think a 700) and they think it's so fast... I'm glad they are happy with theirs.....can't wait to take them for a ride in a busa car!! So are you selling this to replace with a busa or rx-1 car? I recently bought a Sportsman 800EFI for the desert, I can't believe how much power it has.
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    Well, I've got a buyer, just waiting for him to pay.

    It does pretty well in the sand. No sweat making it up Olds or Comp. Top speed is about 65-70. It's a lot of fun and easy to drive. And the key thing with it, is that it'll fit on an ATV trail. It's only 56" wide. Consequently, you have to be a little carefull on the sand, it's pretty easy to roll if you're not carefull.

    Put it on the trails and you'd be amazed. The ride quality with the Fox shocks is amazing. Handles like a dream. It has adjustable pedals so the driver can range from 6'4" to 5'2".
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    Oh yeah, there are some videos [url=]Here[/url:1ieah9qg]. Go down to the bottom of the page.
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    impressive litte machine.
    I would like to build a buggy that can go on atv trails but still be very dunable and ridge runner has that nailed!
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    For what it was designed for, I haven't found anything that can compare to it....yet. Rumor has it that ATV Racing will be building a 2-seater that's 68" wide. A little wide for some ATV trails, but will still handle many with ease, unless you're on the east coast, where they mandate many of them to a max of 48" (I think).
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