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    Bandit Buggy
    Just completed this buggy (x paint) after many years. Bandit Buggy, original design by Ted Willard (he used to sell the plans on Ebay, not sure what happened to him as of late), moderately modified. I've seen a few of them floating around on the net over the years.


    Powered by a Yamaha 660cc Grizzly CVT engine. It's been a lot of fun to drive. I learned quite a bit building it.
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    Re: Bandit Buggy
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    Cold Spring MN ...Dunz season's ust around the corner
    Cool Mini and i like your choice of power plants
    The question is not if its gona roll. Its when ..

    That be some kind of church cruzzer or commuter bike thingy ?
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    Re: Bandit Buggy
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    Any pictures of the build? would love to see how you connected the motor to the axles.
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    Re: Bandit Buggy
    I have start to finish photos of the project I built. Havenít been on here awhile. Seems like it only allows five photos per post?
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    Re: Bandit Buggy
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    Sorry, it's a vBulletin setting that stops at 5 pix.
    If you have any sort of photo hosting (NOT Photo-bucket), you can link as many pix as you like.
    format would be (without spaces) [img ]http://www.where-ever-your-pix-are-posted[ /img]

    I actually have a call into my vBulletin Guru on getting a few things dialed in - I'll see about getting more than five pix attached changed (and also see if he can make the site host photos - I'm half way there...)
    Sand is for fast cars
    Dirt is for fast drivers

    Yellow Dog Racing
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