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    This guy's EX500R powered Goka GK-28
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    This thing is for sale semi-locally to me (a six hour drive is on the outside of local in Texas ). This is one of the most interesting 150 swaps I've seen, and it's one of the swaps I've always wanted to do. I probably would have gone a similar route way back when had I not found my GK-13's.

    I had him send me some of the pictures he took while building and well as some of his failures. You can find them here. If you might be interested in the buggy you can find the guy's ad here.

    I love everything about this buggy and it inspires me to start looking into it again...only I want to do something with one of these now.
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    Re: This guy's EX500R powered Goka GK-28
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    They did did a good job. Is sharp
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    Re: This guy's EX500R powered Goka GK-28
    That front end kind of looks similar to my Stinger 740s buggy. Nice build man!
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