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    Hayabusa Buggy
    Here is my Long travel hayabusa buggy i built. I started with the ST4 blueprints then quickly threw them to the side and went my own way. Hopefully yall like it. I will be making a video of it in action soon. Any questions feel free to ask.

    Parts list:
    Engine - 2003 Hayabusa - Rebuilt with mods.
    Transmission - Schnitz Race Cut/Robinson Industries HD Output shaft/Billet Shift forks/ Schnitz Shift Fork Shafts
    Exhaust - Custom with 3in Netami Mufflers (cheapest on amazon)
    Material -.75 to 1.625 DOM Tubing
    A-arms - Custom with Heims on each end.
    Breaks- Willwood
    Shocks- Fox 2.0
    Drive - Protodie 930 Live
    Axles- Porsche Racing
    Steering- Tatum Motorsports - center load
    Sprockets - 14t and 73T 4130
    Seats - Twisted Stitch
    Rims- Kore M20 14x7
    Tires- Kanati Mongrel 28x10
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
    Senior Member jimmyg's Avatar
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    Bendigo AUS
    Hell yes!

    Fair bit of time has gone into that! Very keen to see the vid.
    All dressed up and waiting for the beer to arrive.
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
    Thank you sir! lots of time indeed! I am trying to find all my photos of it going from 20ft pieces of tubing to the final build. Video is in the works. anything you want to see it do or show on the buggy let me know.
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
    Intense Moderator Rat4020's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Cold Spring MN ...Dunz season's ust around the corner
    Very nice build man it needs ta hit the Dunz !!!
    The question is not if its gona roll. Its when ..

    That be some kind of church cruzzer or commuter bike thingy ?
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
    @Rat4020 Thanks! man i have never been to the dunes. Im in texas so not the best start for fun offroading. Dues is a dream of mine. One day..
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
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    7 gallons round trip from St. Anthony
    Fun as hell where ever you, get it OFF .. the trailer.. lol
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
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    Very nice!
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
    Looks Great!!!
    I finished my busa buggy a few years ago.
    I am just north of Dallas, if your in the area, stop by
    and share some ideas.

    Little Sahara always a blast.

    Project X
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
    where can I find info on your build other than here? What drivetrain did you have on it?
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
    I used a Jeffco Performance Gearbox.
    I comes with Forward and Reverse.
    Also has a differential.
    I work great in tight trails.
    I am still playing with sprockets combinations.

    Project X

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