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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
    67StingrayJ This is the only post i got. The drive train is just a Protodie live axle with Porsche 930 Axles. Its got a 15t front and i believe a 72 in the back. I went though about 4 different Sprocket sizes and this on is the best all around. Feel free to call/text for faster replies 936 537 5950. I will edit this post and put up more details.
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
    Hey thanks for the reply. so is your build using a clutch? My coworker is selling a R1 for $300. Complete with wiring harness and everything. 2nd gear is trashed is the only thing. I really want to pull the trigger but I don't want to take it off his hands if I can't build it into something my wife can drive. That means no clutch...

    Maybe I'll just have to teach her.
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
    Yes my buggy has a clutch, Its a hand clutch on the shifter. I didnt have enough room for a 3rd pedal so i put if on the hand shifter....I actually really like it there. As far as not wanting a clutch, the company EFM makes an auto clutch. you might want to give them a call and see if they suggest using it on a buggy or not. Id say its a good deal on the motor. Dont worry about 2nd gear - with the money you are saving you can put a stronger transmission in it. at least my 2 cents.
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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy

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    Re: Hayabusa Buggy
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