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    My new redline riot
    Hey everyone,
    Finally picked up my new redline riot with a 2008 yamaha apex engine and should be going for the first test run today! Had a problem with the clutch before I bought it, so I think I should have it all fixed up today. Needless to say I'm very excited to get behind the wheel. I was considering doing an engine swap but then came across this deal, anyone want to buy a stock redline riot with low hours?

    Things that are upgraded from my old riot to this:
    Elka coilovers
    New 150hp apex engine
    Custom borla exhaust
    Custom made bed to fit the new engine
    New custom made front arms
    All new gauges, brake and hid headlights, pedals, and random interior pieces
    Beadlocks for my dirt tires
    New custom done rear bumper o protect the borla
    Upgraded tranny from my stock redline
    And I'm sure a few more things I'm not thinking of

    And all for much less then I would have paid to just swap the engine myself! Still a few more things I would to add but so far I'm very happy with all the work done. This will be my first real capable sand car and I can't wait to get to the dunes in winchester bay next weekend.

    And here is a walk around the previous owner made, ill have my hero3 this week so hopefully ill have some videos from Winchester bay.
    IMG 0606 - YouTube

    Big thanks to Dusty at DCkustoms for building it!

    Trying to upload a few pictures, but only have my iPhone at the moment so may takes minute.

    Thanks for looking,
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    Re: My new redline riot
    It will only let me upload one at a time for some reason. Ill wait to get to a computer so I don't have to make a bunch of posts for the rest of the pictures.
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    Re: My new redline riot
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    I use photobucket and it will let you post in the thread.
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