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    Using a stick welder to weld a frame?
    I have two welders. a light duty 120v MiG welder, and a 120v/240v Hobart DC inverter.

    Could I use the stick welder running on 240v to weld some of the most structural welds of the buggy? if so, what electrodes should I be using?

    here is a link to the Hobart:
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    Re: Using a stick welder to weld a frame?
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    What kind of 120V welder? For the wall thickness buggy cages a made out of 120V welders usually have plenty of power.
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    Re: Using a stick welder to weld a frame?
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    I've been using a Lincoln Weldpak 100 120v welder from the get-go. I'm using the flux-core wire, not gas, so I can weld up to 1/4". You don't get those picture-perfect welds with flux-core, but they are just as strong. In all the years I've been running my buggy down the trails, I don't recall any welds breaking.

    However, when I built the spindles for my buggy, which required a 3/4" bolt to be welded in place, I took it over to my brother-in-law, who had a stick welder, and he took care of it. I didn't trust the Weldpak to effectively weld something that big in place. So, the 120 volt welder for most things and the stick welder for the bigger stuff. I'm not sure which stick to use, since my brother-in-law did the welding, but it was whatever he had on hand. Nothing fancy.
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