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    Notcher Min and Max angle
    looking at various hole saw style tubing notchers. Some show maximum arc some show minimum degrees. Just how important and how often are the extremes in angles actually used? Which notcher is your "go to" notcher?
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    Re: Notcher Min and Max angle
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    One that will do offset notch's is fricken handy. Some will swing more of an angle than others, ones like the JMR will swing all the way around (I would strongly recommend against buying anything off that thieving douchebag though).

    The thicker the backing plate the more rigid it will be an it will make better cuts. Your hole saws will also last longer.

    Pro-tools and JD squared both make nice units.

    Extreme angles will require 2 cuts as your hole saw is not deep enough.
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    Re: Notcher Min and Max angle
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    A lot depends on budget and if you want stand alone used with hand drill or something that mounts in drill press. I like this one but didn't want to spend that much for some thing that I didn't use that often so I bought another HF one that mounts in drill press, had to cut off the V pipe mount and weld it back on square so now it does a pretty good job up to about 55% from one side , when it bottoms out in the hole saw I just brake off the piece with pliers then finish the cut
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    Re: Notcher Min and Max angle
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    I have one of the standard issue notchers, an offset would be nice though.

    I did manage to stuff some material in one side to make an offset notch for some square tube.

    Mine goes to 60 degrees off of 90, so 30 degree min angle. Most of the time you will be less than 45, I can only think of one time I went above that, and it was a complex hand notch anyways. At some point, the hole saw isn't deep enough, and I think I ran into that a few times.
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    Re: Notcher Min and Max angle
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    I bought a jd2 knock-off because the jd2 was on back order for two months. It's not set up to do offset notches but it does by about .100". A .100" shim fixed that and a .600" " shim" gives me a half inch offset. So it does do offset notches. I immediately upgraded with a SWAG off road reach-around-arm and super shaft. I use the reach-around-arm all the time. The super shaft is always in also.
    I'd recommend the jd2 with at least the SWAG reach-around-arm.
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    Re: Notcher Min and Max angle
    All good points , mine like PLK will do a 30 degree notch , although it is a grinder type , you always seem to get that one or two times where you need a bit more , i just finish off on the linisher or die grinder to get that bit more if needed.
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