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    Angle Grinder Conversion--great tool, great price!
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    Picked this up at sears hardware yesterday. $12.00. Sold as a 4 1/2 inch angle grinder conversion kit, includes 2 cheap (thinner) 50 grit discs.

    I stopped using most of my auto body air tools a long time ago for metalworking in favor of the angle grinder, sawzall and jigsaw. My oilless air compressor is too loud and despite a 60-gallon tank, just can't keep up with the demands of the amount of grinding i do.

    Over the years I accumulated a lot of various size grinding discs that are worn out on the edges. I'd always trim them to fit the next size disc backer. ended up with a pile of 5-inch discs with worn edges.

    This simply screws onto the arbor shaft in place of the normal backer and nut.

    This is probably the best low-buck tool i've purchased in a long time. all of those used 5-inch discs are pretty much like new and if this backer gets beat up on the edges, i'll turn it into a 4-inch and pick up another to once again nearly double the life of the discs.

    Definitely worth it if you have piles of old discs like I do.
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