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    Mounting tabs now available!!!!!!!
    Hey guys just wanted to let you know that my laser cut 1/4" thick flat bottom tabs and tabs for 1.5" tube are now available and in stock at Shock Motorsports
    have 200 of each.

    Flat bottom weld on tab 1/2" hole $2.50 ea
    1.5" tube weld on tabs with 1/2" hole $3.50 ea

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    Re: Mounting tabs now available!!!!!!!
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    1.5" radius? Is that for 3" tube? I know what you mean...for 1.5" tube, just had to give you a little poo..

    Nowhere near the desert.
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    Re: Mounting tabs now available!!!!!!!
    Your mistaken its 3" radius for a 6" tube lmao.
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