TORC Pro Super Buggy: Complete chassis. Championship winning car. Beam front end with Custom trailing arms and King Kong spindles and coil overs. Tons of spare front end parts including a couple racks, rams, shims, bushings, whole beam housing, etc. Rear 5 link set up with coil overs and bypass shocks. Set up for Mendeola with Toyota Engine. includes body panels, skid plates, race seat, Devil Steering rack, hydraulic assist steering with servo control, all body panels, multiple sets of spindles, rear suspension links and hubs, axles, wiring, guages, rear unit bearings with Wide 5 adapters, brake and clutch master cylinders.

Does not include brake calipers or rotors, front hubs, wheels, radiator, steering wheel/hub, fuel cell, battery, shocks, and a few other misc parts. Give me a call to discuss details. Can work out a deal to include the above listed 4AGE motor and Mendeola along with some other parts. Need to move. Put it back together and make a great race car, wood buggy, sand toy, etc. Known Problem: Front beam left side trailing arms are slightly bent. Can be pressed back to shape or replaced. Or convert to A arms. Above listed parts and chassis, without motor and trans and associated parts, $4,000. As it sits with the 4AGE motor, MD5 Mendeola, dry sump, etc etc. $11,000. The motor and trans are still in the car, so I would rather sell like that .