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    Hayabusa Motor For Sale Soon
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    Gauging interest. I have the 2009 Gen 2 hayabusa motor from the buggy I parted out, only 5k miles on it. I have the full wiring harness, gauge cluster and woolich racing tuning software.

    Only issue - there's a crack in the motor case (by the rear, upper motor mount ear). It's a hairline crack, but enough to leak - nothing else wrong with the motor.
    I have the replacement case, but I'm hesitant to pull the motor apart and swap it out, it's a fair amount of work. Ideally, I'd find someone who would plan to pull the motor apart anyway (plans to boost it, etc).

    Anyone be interested? In good condition, they sell for mid to upper two thousand $. I'd be looking to get $2000 or a bit less for it. Local pickup preferred.
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    Re: Hayabusa Motor For Sale Soon
    Hey jd66 sent you a text....
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