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    Jeffco FNR box for sale!
    Looks like I'm going another direction with my build (subaru motor/trans) so I need to sell my FNR. I also have a Hayabusa motor that has a local sale pending but if that falls through I'll post it here.

    I purchased this in new condition from a forum member a year ago (these are actually his pictures), and it's sat in my spare bedroom since so it has still never seen fluid.

    I'd like to get $3,000 out of it. It's heavy so shipping will be fun but I'm motivated to get it out of my garage so I'll work with people on that.

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    Re: Jeffco FNR box for sale!
    I also have all the associated laser cut parts for the Megalodon rear suspension mounts/ FNR cradle. They are designed for this FNR to mount in, and since I am going semi-trailing arm now I won't need them.
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    Re: Jeffco FNR box for sale!
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