Hey Fellas,
Tme to clear out some parts...I am continuing to clear out extra spare parts that are not needed, and or I no longer have a use for them in my shop or current projects. Here is a list of parts and prices. If you need something that you do not see on this list feel free to PM me and I will see if I may have it tucked away somewhere. If you see the items on this add then that means that they are still available. I will remove them as soon as the sale is finalized. I will also add other parts as I come accross them. Please do not be a tire kicker and if you do not have anything positive to say then please hold it to yourself out of respect. If you have any questions please feel free to ask or PM and I will do my best to answer them all in a timely manner. Thank you all in advance.

Stock FL350R Air box -$75
38mm Mikuni nearly complete - $50
FL350R K&N air filter and mount with outerware - $35
Brand new K&N for Fl350R - $25
FL350R Rear Works performance shocks- $385
Left Stock front upper and lower J Arms - $75
Right Stock front upper and lower J Arms - $75
Stock front Left brake drums and spindle with new pads - $100
Stock front Right brake drums and spindle with new pads - $100
FL350R EEE Pipe and silencer - $225
Stock FL350R pipe - $60
Stock FL350R silencer - $40
Stock FL350R seat belt - $35
Excellent condition FL350R seat $185
2 Excellent condition FL350R axles $200 each
Stock pre recall FL350R head - $40
Read cage with built inn stuffer, reeds are boyseen - $50
Stock FL350R fuel tank that has already been dip cleaned and resealed - $160
Stock pair of front FL350 shocks - $50
102 C clutch for FL350, only used on 4 rides - $300
Stock 1989 FL400R pipe and silencer $160
FL350R top intake air duct - $25
Set of rear ITP wheels for FL350/FL400 Damaged but fixable - $40
Used but in good condition OEM FL350 belt - $20
Used but in good condition FL350 Carlisle Hypermax belt - $20
Fl350 OEM skid plate - $45
FL350 ignition box CDI - $115
FL350 drive cover - $30
Fl350 camber link set $45
FL350 left and right mirrors with boots - $80
FL350 air guide scoops left and right - $80
2003 Honda CR250R fuel tank with cap - $20
FL350 front arm brackets - $25
FL350 used complete OEM front brake lines - $30
Mikuni 38MM TMX - $90
102c cam weights New complete set 58gram -$30
102c cam weights New complete set 60gram - $30
Comet 102c Purple spring -$20
Comet 102c Pink spring - $20
Comet 102c Red/Blue spring - $20
Partial Heel Clicker Adjustable Clutch Kit for 102C 1 of the cam arms will have to be replaced - $75