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    I am looking for a transmission for our baja car this year the engine has 10hp and 14 ft-lb
    and we are planning on using a cvt transmission does anyone has any suggestions.
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    Re: Gearbox
    Polaris ATV gearbox. Scrambler, Trail Boss, and Trail Blazer is HNR, Sportsman is HLNR.
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    Re: Gearbox
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    I second the Polaris gearbox, depending on what you are looking for. The chain output gearboxes are fairly compact and light and then you can fine tune the gear ratio. The all-in-one boxes (Sportsman) are large and heavy and have a fixed gear ratio.

    Other options are the RPM gearbox which has multiple ratios available and the Stak 4x4 box but it appears to be a fixed gear ratio. You can also check with Quality Drive Systems to see what if anything they currently offer, they used to have one or two options.

    Of course the best option is to make your own. If you don't need reverse, it is fairly straightforward to make a single speed gear reduction box. Or make one using chains. 2 speed forward or FNR are also not too hard to make, the shifting mechanism is usually the trickiest part.
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    Re: Gearbox
    Look on my webpage under buggy build.
    I used that Polaris tranny that was mentioned. We put over 600 hard miles on it last summer with zero issues.

    A few videos in you tube also. my user name is dantech1
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